Friday, June 3, 2016

About Professor Shirasawa

Dr. Takuji Shirasawa is one of Japan’s leading scientists. He is the Professor of Aging Control Medicine at Juntendo University, Graduate School of Medicine in Japan. He obtained his Ph.D. in immunology at Chiba University Graduate School of Medicine and has been researching molecular pathology and the molecular genetics of gerontology for the past 20 years. He is the Director of the Japan Anti-Aging Association, Japan Biogerontology and Biorehabilitation Association. He is the Editor of the Journal of Neuroscience Research. His research interests include the molecular biology of aging and gerontology, the molecular genetics of Alzheimer’s Disease, and telomere research. He is regarded as one of Japan’s top specialists in preventive medicine for aging and has written over 130 books becoming the most published doctor in Japan. Over 2 million copies of his books have been sold in Japan and many books have been translated and published abroad.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Good and bad news on the same day

This is the 1st June and same time with good news, there comes bag news too. Yeah both in the same hour in the evening around 6pm.

How can this happen? Perhaps is both bad and good with the same time.

Good news as I get a good deal but sad news as money burned.

There goes my kitchen.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tired of finding parking space for an hour

Today is my busy day so whatever events need to push away because today I need to collect son's report card and see the teacher. Teacher is 60 years old and next week school holiday she is not around anymore. She retired and has been working with school for 20 years. She says to another mom that they no longer cane students because parents complains. They cannot take any action against them but keep remind them to do homework and pass up. Children is being asked to copy board answers as they have no time to teach.

Exam from Stand Four onwards are tough because it needs them to think. Malaysian students that compete in oversea with other students. Malaysian students lose to Vietnamese students says the teacher. Amazing I didn't know that children went oversea to compete with other students. That is why the exam children will need to think of the answer of their own and not copy the exact answer from paper. If copy the marks will be given lower and not full mark.

An hour rounding try to find parking lot for my car, sadly I cannot find any parking. Thanks to a parent my son's ex classmate mom, she reserve a parking for me. We need to walk quite far from school to reach but it's okay because there's parking for our cars. We parked roadside, and do worry of saman.

My legs cramp so badly in car as I keep rounding and 1 box of fuel has drop. It's a relief when found a parking spot, I almost want to leave the place and go home.