Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Jump Smash 15 is so fun!

Though none of us in the family that won this nice prizes you can see above. It was really fun event for everyone, my sister-in-law tried to play the Jump Smash 15, it was not easy though she knew about using finger to swipe the game to play.

My 4 years old son also tried to play but he lose focus playing. Everyone on the event is so excited of playing this game. It is indeed fun app to play, there are four ipad on the event that everyone can line up to take turn to play. If you got the winning ticket you can join the final e-tournament. Click on the link to find out who are the 32 contestants on the 3rd day of event.

I didn't know that you can keep coming back to play each day, in fact some boys on the event did that. They came on Saturday to play in final then they are back again on Sunday to play.

I am glad I have joined this fun event with my son, he even blog about it so share his happy story. Click on the link to read about it. Well, I wouldn't say again its really happy after all but is good experience for him and me.

First time in my life, my son and I compete in a game and that's live in action games like badminton sports.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Thank you friend

I am glad to have friend that share with me, not everyday you find friend that share with you. When you are feeling up or down or the other way happen to your friend. I am sure you'll be there too for them.

Food trail that my friend asks me to join, I need to reject as it clashed the date which I have make to go for vacation with my parents. My parents been waiting for vacation to Melaka for a long time, the last they step foot in Melaka was many years back. I would say it be at least 5 years.

I told my friend to go ahead with the food trail that get invited, it's an opportunity for meeting with new friends/bloggers too.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Exam until 6 August

How's everyone doing? Waiting for everyone to get ready for son's classmate birthday party to attend. His classmate Max is celebrating his birthday today and we are invited to attend. It's our first time to attend birthday party so, this party is held in a an outlet in a mall in the city.

It's our first time to go kids party, I am sure kids are more excited as Sean is going to bring his little brother to attend. They need to wear socks to play inside.

Sean created a birthday card for his friend, he hope Max will likes it.

How about you? How are you spending your Sunday?

Sean's school exam is until 6 August, though we are invited to Genting Highlands event looks like we need to decline the offer this round. It's quite rush as he needs to attend class the next day, just worry he'll be too tired to focus in class.