Thursday, December 11, 2014

World’s first Hi-5 preschool opens in Malaysia!

~The Hi-5 experience goes live in January 2015 in the classroom
for toddlers 18-month and up~

Hi-World today opened its very first pre-school and learning center called Hi-5 House of Learning (Hi-5 HOLhere in Kuala Lumpur. Through play and discovery learning, children aged between 18 months and 9 years old will be able to enjoy the Hi-5 experience in preschool classrooms and build the foundational skills for school readiness the Hi5 way. The opening also saw Hi5 music group, the popular quintet on the famous children series, leaving their handprints behind as a token for the school.

Australian early childhood education specialists Dr. Catherine Martin

Parents looking to expose their children to learning will be pleasantly delighted to experience the comprehensive pre-school curriculum system developed by Australian early childhood education specialists Dr. Catherine Martin, Helen Martin and Julie Greene. 

Hi-5 HOLs curriculum offers a multi-faceted approach to learning based on influential theories including Gardners and Piagets theories of child development. Through movement, music and creativity, Hi-5 HOL presents a rich, playful and fun learning environment augmented by video clips, songs, and stories from the award winning childrens program! 

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Busy parenting thinking for the best for children

It's school holiday, let's not waste any time. It's going to be another year if you just let it be. Make full use of this month because it's December 2014. So if you have plan to go for vacation, movie, field trip, etc. Plan it now, it's never to late to do so.

Shopping for loved ones too as Christmas just few weeks away. I've got plan to bring my son for movie He's interested to watch some movies this December. I shall plan it out, sad to know that next year entertainment gonna be higher price to pay.

I block some dates too for this December, how about you?

Monday, November 3, 2014

Infographic: Ways to play with your child‏

Ways to play with your child
Brought to you by Fisher-Price

Research shows that babies learn best through play. When babies are playing, they are really developing their Play IQ. They learn about the world around them and develop a wide range of important skills, such as their physical, cognitive, social and emotional skills.

Fill your child’s days with play-based opportunities to interact with adults and peers in positive ways. Remember to track your baby’s progress at different stages of development to help him develop his full potential through play.

Here are ways to play with your child at different stages of development from 1-24 months:

A great way to stimulate your baby’s learning is to give him the right toys at the right development stages. Help him reach developmental milestones in three key pillars of child development:
1. Physical Play IQ is when a child develops strength, coordination and confidence. Give him toys that encourage him to reach, grab, get up and move.
2. Cognitive Play IQ is about encouraging a child to touch, feel, listen and learn through play. Toys that inspire his natural curiosity and love of learning will help develop both his intelligence and creativity.
3. Social & Emotional Play IQ is a child’s ability to share and express himself confidently while he plays. Using the right toys and playing with other children will help a child learn the skills to share, listen and lead.

For more information on your child’s Play IQ, developmental milestones and recommended toys, please visit