Monday, April 25, 2016

Relaxing getaway at Lost World of Tambun

It's Mother's Day soon, what's your plan for this Mother's Day. Talking of Mother's Day I need pampering moment and I think about the Lost World of Tambun. 
Lost World Hotel Tambun, is a nice hotel to stay. 

Lost World of Tambun – the perfect place for mother’s to get away from the bustling city, be pampered with relaxing hot springs and spas while getting lost in tranquillity and serenity. Known to be a family adventure destination, family and children can enjoy many other attractions.

Being the only theme park in Southeast Asia with natural hot springs, a self-contained wonderland cocooned by lush tropical jungle, seven thrilling parks and the breath-taking limestone features of 400 million years of age – is the cherry on top.

Kick-start your adventurous day with our Malayana Warriors as they welcome you. Mothers, start your day by unwinding at the Beach Garden and enjoy the pure crystal-white sandy beach view while your children explore the Explorabay specifically designed children friendly area that is filled with water cannons, spraying elephants, giant tipping buckets and water curtains for them to enjoy.

After a relaxing morning, it is time for a boost of adrenaline. Prove to your child that you are never too old for any rides! These are fun rides that I can't wait to go play.

1. Cliff Racer – Slide down Indiana Jones style at maximum speed
2. Dragon Flights – Take a “flight” and be intrigued by the scenery as you get swung in the air
3. Tube Raiders – Wind your way down from the top of the giant water slides
4. Storm Rider – Get on the pirate boat which will swing you 180 degrees
5. Lupe’s Adventure – Dry up at the Perak’s first roller coaster ride
private huts

Feeling pumped up? There are more! Have some family time at our must-go attractions:

1. Adventure River – Relaxing water ride at the Asia’s longest river with wave effects while enjoying the sight of natural beautiful caves with extravagant water features expecting a little surprise twist
2. Adventure Express – Hop into our ancient locomotive as it takes you and your family on a journey past majestic ruins
3. Tin Valley – Take a journey back through time as you learn the heritage of Perak – tin mining
4. Petting Zoo – The haven for all kinds of animals such as Tapir, peacocks, parrots and many other 50 species to range freely in their natural habitats. Make friends with Ruby the raccoon, pet and play with the animals.
5. Tiger Valley – Meet Putra and Jazz, our very own Siberian Tiger brothers

Mothers’ instincts are always on point. Mothers know when their children are hungry. Fuel up at the Ipoh Street with:
1. Tau Fu Fah – Soybean custard with delicious sugar syrup
2. Lok-Lok – Assortment of dumplings on a stick
3. Heong Peah – Perak’s famous fragrant pastry

and many more local Perak desserts that tempts you to want to go for seconds. After having a happy tummy, be entertained by our Flaming Percussions, the merry band of fire eaters, jugglers and percussionists who performs fire tricks and stunts.

It is time for mothers to get out from your daily regime and just indulge in our Hot Springs & Spas that provides various types minerals for your body.
1. Steam Cave – Acts as a sauna where it helps cleanses your body and improves body circulation
2. Foot Spa – Sooth your feet with reflexology pebbles
3. Infinity Pool – At a temperature of 40 °C, this pool can accommodate up to 300 people and is surrounded by the serene and calming sounds of the volcanic waterfall
4. Jacuzzi Pools – Nourish yourself with three relaxing and invigorating Jacuzzis with temperature ranges from 47 – 50°C
5. Crystal Spa – Within the privacy and comfort of your own massage hut, choose from the many specialty massages such as body scrub, aromatherapy massage, aromatic beauty care, body relaxing spa and many more!

Do not worry for we also have something else for your children to enjoy.
1. Saphira’s Lair – With luminous and colorful lights to illuminate the glowing rainforest
2. Saphira’s Baby Pool – Specially designed to provide a safe play area for toddlers
3. Saphira’s Twister – A fairground for young and old to go for a twist

As the sun sets, it is time to spend the night at Lost World Hotel, a perfect snooze chamber after a long day of adventure. Get a good rest only to awaken refreshed with the park’s crisp fresh air and a spectacular view of lush hills encapsulated with morning mist and the abundance of nature.

The operational hours will be from 11:00am to 6:00pm every Monday to Friday, 10:00am to 6:00pm every Saturday and Sunday. The Lost World Hot Springs by Night operates from 12:00nn – 11:00pm every Monday to Sunday.

The park is closed every Tuesday except during Malaysian school and public holidays.

More information can also be obtained at Lost World of Tambun’s Facebook page and website: / or by calling the park at +605 542 8888.

Monday, April 18, 2016


How's everyone doing this Monday? Being mommy, I am busy with sending my son to school and I also find it's important to find them spend with children. 

Scholastic, the world’s largest publisher and distributor of children’s books, presents a brand new book series “Bodhi and Friends” for kids ages 4 and up with the release of its first two sing-along books – Hello, Hey, Hi! and See You Later at its Book Preview Party held in Malaysia – the first across Asia.

This brand new book series is designed to provide a creative preschool educational program with adventure, music, fun, as well as the essential building blocks for early childhood.

English learning made fun with song, music and dance!

 Scholastic Asia’s Regional Marketing Manager, Stephanie Wang at the Book Preview Party
“The Bodhi and Friends books is a great series to be introduced to kids ages 4 and up as it is designed to help children to learn English phonics, vocabulary, grammar, listening skills while instilling a genuine love of language in them,” said Scholastic Asia’s Regional Marketing Manager, Stephanie Wang at the Book Preview Party.

She added: “It is perfect to get kids started with learning English, especially when it’s a non-native language to them. With this series, it will make it a little easier for parents to get their child to learn English with confidence as the sing-along books are accompanied by fun and easy-to-follow songs and music that will help get children engaged!”

Follow Bodhi, a cute, courageous and imaginative dog with his assembly of colorful friends! Together, they travel their universe on fun, music-filled adventures. Each adventure presents Bodhi and friends with new discoveries, challenges, as well as emotional and educational insights. Each of Bodhi’s friends has very different personalities and skills to bring to each new challenge. This ensures that every child will be able to find a character that he or she identifies with new personalities to be exposed to.

Bodhi and Friends is a worldwide educational project founded by philanthropist Poman Lo, who seeks to inspire multiple intelligence and instill positive values through the products under this brand including a TV series, mobile apps, plush toys, figurines, and stationeries, amongst others. The well-rounded educational program is developed by an international team of prestigious educators.

For more information on the Bodhi and Friends book series, visit Scholastic’s website at or Facebook page at

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Infusing Family Meal-time With Affordable, Delicious Thai Flavours

Marinated with no less than 14 ingredients, Takhrai Chicken dish is bursting with authentic Thai flavours.

Malaysia has many delicious to eat, sometimes I bring my family to dine at The Chicken Rice Shop.

Malaysians do love their chicken served in all sorts of styles. With more than 15 years of perfecting its wholesome chicken rice dish made from a family recipe of Hainanese origins, This time around, TCRS has taken the Thai route with its recently introduced Takhrai Chicken, now available at all restaurants nationwide.

Served with a hot plate of its ever popular chicken rice, the aromatic plate of tender chicken thigh is infused with lemongrass and hot phrik (Thai Chili). Marinated with no less than 14 ingredients, Takhrai Chicken is bursting with rich flavors. Amongst the ingredients used in this tantalizing dish are fresh Thai chilli, garlic, lime, lemongrass and several spices. After being marinated in the delicate blend, the chicken is grilled till succulent, promising to be a feast for the senses.

Mother's Day is coming up, maybe it's a good time to bring mommy for a nice meal.
Takhrai Chicken is available until May 15, 2016 and is priced at RM14.90 as an ala carte dish. Set meals are also available for one to four persons, starting at only RM19.90.

Loving to dine, do you know that the side dishes included in the set meals are Nyonya Pai Tee, Pak Choy with oyster sauce and soup of the day, along with TCRS signature fragrant rice.

For more information on The Chicken Rice Shop, please visit