Saturday, January 14, 2017

Crocodile Adventureland, Langkawi Malaysia

50 years old crocodile behind me
 Last month a great vacation for two of us, it was my birthday in November but cannot go because has got mommy duties. Last month we went Crocodile Adventureland as I like to see crocodile since I was young. Do click on the link above to view more photos.
 The tour guide at the Crocodile Adventureland was friendly and she was also emcee of the show of the day.
 Many souveniors and knowledge you can find a the crocodile adventureland. There's life crocodile that you can take picture with, it's baby crocodile but a fee will be charge. You can also take photo with it.
It was a great show and glad I have went there. We rental a car at the airport, it cost RM200 for 3D/2N. It was a Nissan car. There are many car rental booth in the airport, so don't worry if you gonna missed out booking car. Plenty of choices there, they won't be angry if you find another attractive offer at the rental booth.

They also provide you a map, but anyhow if you have waze app you can still use it. We prefer to use waze app as in the dark at night we need to follow it to get back the hotel.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Be Strong

It's the moment that everyone needs to be strong, this morning received whatapp message that grandmother passed away in the morning. She is 94 years old, she passed away with a smile on her bed. Being Chinese there's additional one year old to adds on, so consider she is 95 years old. She's my hub's grandma. She passed away this morning at 6.30am.

Good thing having a blog as I can check back on my diary here. My grandpa also passed away at age of 94 years old. He's my dad's dad.

We need to Be Strong to keep stay connect with each another. She's at a better place now. One of her daughters passed away in year 2010.

Life is short and we need to cherish every moment with love ones. It's important to have communication and gathering and visiting no matter you are near or far. We can use Internet, phone and even snail mails. Yesterday dad called me to help him to contact TM as his phone lines cannot be use, there's no dial tone. Glad to help out my dad and give TM a called, the staff also suggest they can call him on his cell phone as well to teach him how to troubleshoot the modem.

Don't let any negativity gets to us, be positive. Talking of positive I like the songs sang by local multi talented Jessie Chung. I have seen many outlets of NHF with her posters, I am happy that I am finally get to meet her in person. From fringe hairstyle to beautiful blond hairstyle. She's beautiful inside out.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Fun-tastic Christmas Outing for Orphans at eCurve

The kids from Angel Children's Home having fun at CP Arcade, eCurve.

With Christmas just around the corner, eCurve recently took the opportunity to spread a little festive cheer to a group of disadvantaged children. A fun-filled afternoon was in store for the kids from Angel Children’s Home, as the mall treated them to a special day out in conjunction with its Christmas campaign themed Misty Belle and her BFFs Come to Life.

Taking place at eCurve’s Centre Atrium, it was smiles all around as the 17 children along with two caretakers arrived to discover life-sized doll boxes decorating the area. Excitement and laughter were in the air as the kids took turns showing off their best imitation of dolls in a variety of poses, from a stylish fashionista to a friendly food-lover and more.
The children putting on their best imitation of dolls in a variety of poses at eCurve's Centre Atrium.

 Azizul Hisham Ahmad, Centre Manager of eCurve having a chat with one of the kids from Angel Children's Home while giving out the festive goodies.

The merriment and delight continued with the highlight of the evening, a specially-choreographed dance musical featuring Misty Belle and her group of friends. As the live performance told the tale of fun-loving dolls coming to life for the holidays, the young audience were spellbound by the imaginative show, bright costumes and fast-paced dance moves that even had some bouncing along to the catchy tunes.

Azizul Hisham Ahmad, Centre Manager of eCurve, said, “With our Christmas campaign this year revolving around friendship, camaraderie and fun, we wanted to share that playful and joyous atmosphere with underprivileged kids, so that they too can have a celebration to remember. It was a great pleasure for us to see the smiles on their faces, and we are glad to bring a little festive cheer into their lives. We certainly hope that all of them had a wonderful time here with us!”

Following the performance, exclamations of glee could be heard as each child was gifted with a Christmas goodie bag, courtesy of eCurve. The evening ended on a sweet note as the guests of honour were treated to a scrumptious dinner of delicious Korean-style gourmet fried chicken co-sponsored by Pelicana Chicken.

Visitors to eCurve will be able to experience the mall’s Christmas activities from November 25, 2016 to January 1, 2017. Throughout the campaign, shoppers who spend a minimum of RM 200 in a maximum of two receipts at any eCurve outlet will be eligible to take home an adorable Christmas Cuddly Bear. All redemptions are subject to terms and conditions and while stocks last.

Interested to learn more about eCurve’s Christmas campaign? Contact eCurve’s Customer Care officers at 03-7725 0277 or visit or eCurve Facebook page at
 A group shot of eCurve's management team together with the children and caretakers of Angel Children's Home, as well as Misty Belle and her BFFs following an upbeat live musical performance.