Monday, September 5, 2016

Monday a visit to the dentist

Today I saw my son needs to see dentist and decided to give the clinic a call and the clerk says that today is free to go. So we booking at 3pm, just me and 2 boys go to the clinic. Manage to find parking near the shoplot of the dentist.

Son WL has four fillings to do and each cost RM80. Clerk says dentist charge about 3 of them, Sean has got his teeth checked as well. Sean left only 1 baby tooth above. Bil for the day RM240 spend on son just on his teeth. No choice as it's the best for him, being parent we need to provide the best for them. Don't wait too late, it important to care for their teeth and health.

Another three months WL will need to see dentist for check up! Dentist explains that bottle milk feeding is no good and bad for their teeth. Time to remove the bottles and start him with just cup!

Today just paid for his kindergarten fee RM430, soon will need to pay for Sean's tuition fee too.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

“Mak Kata, Saya Anak Bijak” contest

Hi dear readers and friends, I like to inform you that Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad (Dutch Lady Malaysia) is calling out to all Malaysian mothers to share their pearls of wisdom in its latest campaign named “Mak Kata, Saya Anak Bijak” to stand a chance to win a meet and greet session with celebrity mom, Scha Alyahya and her daughter, Lara Alana over a tea party! On top of that, the campaign is giving away RM50 cash prizes to the first 250 participants weekly throughout the contest period.

Ashlee Ng, Marketing Director of Dutch Lady Malaysia explained “At Dutch Lady Malaysia, we see the importance for Malaysian mothers to understand that their nurturing guidance and nutrition goes hand in hand to ensure the progressive development of a child. Formulated milk powder for children Dutch Lady 4-Step Nutri-PlanĖ‡ with 5X DHA* is a tailored nutrition programme for children 1 to 6+ years of age that continuously supports a child’s developmental milestones and learning. When their nutritional needs are well taken care of, mothers can focus on guiding their children to achieve foundational milestones.”

Ng continued to share the history and significance of the campaign theme: “A mother’s love is unconditional. Every little nugget of wisdom given by our mothers about life’s lessons has helped us become a better person. What she tells us shapes who we are and eventually become principles to live by. Hence, the reason why Dutch Lady Malaysia came up with the campaign theme “Mak Kata, Saya Anak Bijak”!

The phrase Mak Kata (My Mom says) was first used in a classic Dutch Lady TV commercial released in 1983, featuring two boys quoting their mother’s words of wisdom. Inspired by the iconic ‘80s commercial, Dutch Lady Malaysia introduced the first Mak Kata campaign in 2014.

“Dutch Lady Malaysia is pleased to bring back the familiar ‘Mak Kata’ campaign this year with a twist to reflect the smartness of kids these days. That is why our campaign is designed to help moms understand how her guiding words makes a difference in shaping her child,” Ng explained.

The ‘Mak Kata, Saya Anak Bijak’ contest is for mothers to share funny, interesting or touching snippets from their daily lives that are related to their children’s quick thinking and smart imagination. A total of nine lucky winners and their family members will get the chance to spend an afternoon with celebrity mom, Scha Alyahya and her daughter, Lara Alana at a tea party, and also walk away with one instant camera to capture their happy moments together. Additionally, the first 250 submissions weekly will also receive RM50 cash prizes each from 1st August till 30th September 2016.

Joining is simple; all you have to do is:
a) Purchase any pack of Dutch Lady 4-Step Nutri Plan with 5X DHA* formulated milk powder for children (650g or 900g);
b) Go to Dutch Lady Malaysia’s website (;
c) Enter your favourite ‘Mak Kata’ quote and upload a photo of your child; and
d) Click ‘SUBMIT’ and retain your receipt!

For Scha Alyahya, TV host, model, actress and mother to two-year-old Lara Alana, nothing is more important than watching her daughter grow up happy. “As a child, my mother’s advice was most precious to me while growing up. I looked to her as a role model for everything I did, and I made sure to let everyone else around me know what my mother said too! My mother always says, ‘Pretty is as pretty does.’ We should always try to see the good in everyone. Even today, she never has a bad or ugly thing to say about anyone, and I will try to follow in her footsteps. That’s certainly the best advice she’s given me, and it really goes a long way.”

Celebrity Mom Scha Alyahya and her daughter
“Now, as a mother myself, I try my best to impart upon Lara what my mother has taught me about life. I hope that she can, in turn, be a good example to other kids. After all, life is a learning process. We teach our kids how to be good people, but sometimes they end up teaching us more instead,” explained Scha.

For more information on ‘Mak Kata, Saya Anak Bijak’ campaign and contest details, visit Dutch Lady Malaysia’s smart moments website at

Friday, July 15, 2016

Everything is about money

Education is not easy today for the kids especially study in Chinese primary school. Sean is studying in one and he has hard time to catch up that's why I decided to let him go tuition. He attended 2 years of day care at different home/center and it is not giving him any improvement. Late last year during school holidays I decided to let him go for tuition center and not at daycare. This mean more money to spend at tuition center as daycare cost RM400 a month, but tuition center is not.

It's tougher for me as I need to drive 5km away from home to reach the tuition center. Thanks to a friend who helped me out my son manage to get in both tuition center. BC and BM languages are important in education.

Next year will be my youngest to go for tuition as he will need to attend exam on June to see if he can be selected by the primary school or not. Hopefully he can study same school as his brother.

When he's Standard one, his brother will be Standard Six. Most parents are worry if their children can get in the school they have selected or not. They have start checking the system to find out, its only for the children who are going to be Standard One next year. Even if I check now I won't know if he is chosen or not as he's in year 2018 to enter Standard One.